Grrrr… Twit Twoo… Miaoow…

In the midst of the powerful Storm Dennis Andy and a good few others, from memory about fifteen artists, battled their way to the warm and welcoming Little Man Coffee Company for a hot cuppa and some life drawing.

Andy gave all a small piece of paper and on that the assembled artists were tasked to draw an animal, any animal, the first animal that came into mind… Andy then collated the pieces of paper, two turtles, three cats, one owl, a snake etc and began the dynamic and fun session of delivering poses based on the artists chosen creatures 🙂

Animals Gallery

Animals can be difficult to work with, along with children, as the saying goes, but Andy did well, keeping the broad selection of wild beasts under control. Delving deeply into his method acting processes and delivering a tour de force of earthy, visceral and startlingly real animal poses, the assembled artists will be drawing on this session for inspiration for some time to come 😉

You can hire Andy and/or other Cardiff Life Models to be an animal at your event by emailing [email protected]

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