Yes the Welsh Assembly have changed the rules and regulations once again and once again the change makes no sense. But the good news is we are once again back and offering up our Weekly Life Drawing at Little Man.

Lawyers are discussing the legality of any law drawn up on the hoof and changed so often as to make it unreasonable for a member of the public to know the fine detail. Criminalising someone for not reading reams of new guidelines each day is unacceptable and will be the basis for challenges in court against the totality of the lockdowns and of individual fines.

The insanity of releasing us all from lockdown is plain for all to see given that Merthyr Tydfil is currently the most diseased area of the UK. The reasoning behind putting us into local lockdowns a month or so ago is thrown out of the window and rates of infection are now ignored without explanation and in favour of the new draconian impositions.

And don’t get me started on the cats, dogs and mink of this world.

For Cardiff Life Model Collective the good news is that people from all over Wales can come along to our Tuesday evening sessions in The Little Man Coffee Company for life drawing, up to a maximum of 15 people and without the sale or consumption of alcohol…

Fucking Outrageous! As an adult I object to being told what I can or cannot consume. Now, I don’t drink alcohol but I support each and every persons right to choose and these impositions have now gone on for far too long. We really do need to rise up against these tyrants!

This is what the Welsh Ass have to say:

‘An organised activity could be any activity for which gathering is not permitted under any other part of the Regulations. Organised activities can only take place in regulated premises that are required to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus. Activities must not involve the sale or consumption of alcohol and must not take place in people’s homes.

Examples of the organised activities might include sports and exercise activities, or support groups and other groups to support people’s health or wellbeing, such as breastfeeding classes or slimming groups.

All of these activities are capped at 15 participants if they take place indoors, or 30 if outdoors. This number does not include any children aged under 11 or people who are working. During these activities, people should remain physically distanced from others outside of their household.’

Join Us!


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