We used to do a fair bit of work at Crosskeys. Those modelling hours disappeared this academic year as the college decided to not provide life drawing (we’re unsure of how they will be able to get their students through their course work commitments) due to issues with paying us by invoice and also, we believe, the lack of desire amongst the tutors to deliver life drawing sessions.

However, a keen and engaged tutor who had worked with us in the past at the college wanted us in and so we had two evenings at the college with the very talented ‘A’ level students. The evenings were great fun and the art work produced was amazing. Remember, these sketches are by 17/18 year olds and this was their second ever life drawing session!

Crosskeys College Gallery

We thank the tutor for having us back at the college. It was the second major life drawing contract we held and for a few years I seemed to be there a couple of times a week. The college has good memories for me from the early days of Cardiff Life Model Collective.

The provision at the college was always exceptional with a close team of committed tutors working hard and in close cooperation for the students benefit. Unfortunately we saw a sliding away of this quality learning until the last two years at the college we were left mostly complaining about tutors and of a mind to refuse to supply any further models. That decision was made for us however, at least until we were back there the past couple of weeks.

I will be writing a little about all of the colleges of South Wales and how Cardiff Life Model Collective have been treated by ‘them’ and what I think of the sate of art education in FE and Universities. It’s a long and sorry tale…


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