Cardiff Life Models are proud to announce a new initiative in life drawing and a unique art event that we believe has never been attempted before. 

Alongside spirit medium Lars Landstrôm we have been working on a project ‘Life Drawing The Dead’ and following great success at several exploratory sittings we are now ready to ‘go live’.

We have found that ghosts are not likely to stick around or to remain seated for longer poses so expect to sketch quickly flashes of light and body parts in a rarefied atmosphere that positively impacts your drawing style. 

Andy Said

‘It’s very fitting that in two weeks time, on Easter Sunday, the day that Jesus rose from the dead, we will be delivering our first live life drawing of the dead event. Lars is amazing! I’ve found that charcoal is the best medium to capture the ethereal nature of those from the other side.’

Do join us and Lars this Easter Sunday as we bring together artists from across the globe in an online seance to be focused on Lar’s home, a suitably spooky edifice in the backwoods of Southern Sweden, for this innovative life drawing event!


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