Proscribed Organisations

There has been a quickening of the resurgent interest in life drawing and this has been detrimental to this group. No longer being niche others have sought to deliver sessions in direct competition to Cardiff Life Model Collective and alongside this we see a growing number of models who are more than willing to work for less than we pay, undercutting us and damaging pay and conditions for all.  

After 10 years of battling with universities and colleges and having to deal with ‘competitors’ and models who damage all of our incomes we feel we have just about run out of steam. We no longer want the hassle. We realise now that it is a fruitless position to take, to be right and to be fair. 


After eight years of supplying models to them a college recently has asked us to provide cv’s and DRB checks for models and that models then be paid directly through their salary system. This negates the need for Cardiff Life Model Collective and will be the cause of a huge headache for the tutors responsible for organising life drawing that they will either not programme it in or will have just one model for all sessions, with no sickness cover. They also wanted the DRB checks to be paid for by Cardiff Life Models or the model themselves. This is against all norms of education establishment recruitment and is regarded as poor practice. Furthermore we don’t think they would be paying the rate we have managed to negotiate. Within a salary system the life model would be positioned usually at about £13.50per hour (for Newport and Cardiff Councils it can be as low as £8.50per hour) which is why we have not been working with USW or Cardiff Met or any of the council delivered evening classes. This is all bad news for models… 

We have, unfortunately, a growing list of those who have very much let us down and have abused our goodwill and who are, for us, proscribed: 

Coleg y Cymoedd 

Cardiff and the Vale College Cardiff 

Cardiff and the Vale College Barry 

The Arts Academy Trade Street 

Cardiff University Student Union 

Tracy Rees At Garth Olwg

Broadway Drawing School

Bridgend College 

University of South Wales 

Cardiff Met

Turnip Starfish 

Please note that we will remove any of these privately operated proscribed art providers if they advise us that they are paying models our current rate or over and that they will mirror any increases in pay that we make in the future and that they do not start delivering life drawing in direct competition with us, for example, starting a new city centre life drawing evening on a Tuesday… As for the colleges and universities, we’ll remove those from this list if they choose to enter into a service level agreement with us for life model provision and agree to a five year plan with payment by invoice.

Any model working for any of these arts providers or for less than our current hourly rate is not welcome in this group. It just has to be this way for the long term benefit of all.

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