I’ve emailed Founders…

‘I have decided to cancel all events at Founders, not because they were unsuccessful, but because of the lack of support given by the Founders promotions team. 

When we discussed delivering life drawing at Founders we discussed social media and you posting images and creating a buzz for us. This is key to kick starting a new venture, especially during the always slow summer months. 

You poked me for images, which I sent to you by wetransfer and initially all was good, with between 8 and 10 people attending. Of course the one post slipped down the Founders feed and numbers fell. 

I then had a look at Founders instagram and Facebook feeds and to my shock noted that there had only ever been one post, on the 21st July. 

I then contacted you and we had some email exchanges where you agreed to promote Cardiff Life Model Collective over following month in order to have us generate numbers attending and create a core group of regular artists. 

As of 10am this morning there has been no promotion of our events on either fb or insta and despite us having a couple of bookings for this evening I have therefore decided that I cannot work with Founders and Co and I have removed the Founders events from our website and social media accounts. 

For me I feel this is a very shorted sighted mistake on your part in that one post gained three weeks of circa ten attendees and just a little effort (no real effort required as I supplied the artwork) and surely as we moved away from summer and into the normality of the autumn the sessions would have been highly successful and fruitful for both Cardiff Life Model Collective and for Founders. 

You’ve lost a partner that would have filled the space on a Monday evening and would have encouraged the artists to purchase drinks on arrival and at break as well as to stay for snacks and drinks after the event…’

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