Little Man Sunday Sesh, January 19th 

Really great to see everyone sharpening their pencils and getting stuck in with a healthy drawing practice for 2020. Always inspiring to see the progress of returning artists; a conscious cultivation that initiates growth. It becomes a form of meditation – a kind of routine that builds into a personal portfolio of growth, a kind of creative chronology. 

Little Man is a mini hive of diverse creatives – – we enjoy a dynamic range of ages, genders, abilities, and experience. It’s a conversation – with yourself, your pen, your perspective, your journey. 

Anna Sunday Gallery

The Little Man Sunday Clan is about as cozy as it gets for a wintery wander into the creative wilds. Have a proper brew of Dreamcatcher tea, some vegan carrot cake, a genuinely engaging conversation with fellow artists, and a jolly old knees up with your charcoal and parchment.


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