What a shit show The Life Drawing Network is. Dodgy too.

‘A lot is going to happen in our Network, with the help of a few volunteers, Interns and people we work with, so a good place to be.’


‘Want to model Live or record yourself? Same, please sign up and get in touch or email directly’


Cardiff Life Model Collective HAVE NEVER had people work for free or for favours. We’ve also never confused ‘Live’ with ‘Life’…

For years I’ve been telling the owner how it is and how it should be but despite assurances he continues to promote his life drawing business off the backs of low paid and intern and for favour staffing.

I no longer get his offers of work and that’s how I want it. I’m not going to work for the opportunity to draw for free. How outrageous is that!

By the way, all models with Cardiff Life Model Collective can draw for free at any of our sessions and they always have. And we pay models a minimum of £20 an hour. Match that Tony!

It’s simply not good enough and you need to boycott The Life Drawing Network, not only because of it’s poor staff management but also because of it’s bluster – apparently Tony single handedly saved life drawing in the UK as a ‘thing’ – and for it’s online sessions which ARE NOT life drawing at all.

It’s in the words. Life. Drawing from a crappy zoom image is far inferior to drawing from a good photo which is woefully inadequate itself in comparison to drawing a living, breathing human being.

Cardiff Life Model Collective have had similar arguments with others, The Broadway Drawing School, University of South Wales, individual models and artists and The Arts Council and their funding choices, Chapter Arts Centre and Cirw Celf to name but a few…

The ONLY way for this exploitation to made to end is by collective boycotting of the business’ that continue outdated and self serving (for the owners) practices. Join Us! in this boycott.

List of Proscribed Business’/art locations.

This is what Tony says about his sessions:

In January we Draw together on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Monday is for all Artists/Artists to be with more short poses than other days so better for Beginners to intermediate starting at 6.30pm (UK) and an occasional 7pm when members and Life models draw each others as a group.

Tuesday is longer poses up to an hour each with less tuition/guidance.

Wednesday is for members to hangout together and draw each other’s faces which is the problem of 90% of Artists and is friendly, happy which is what we all need at the moment.

For Saturday you’ll need to go to the event itself and read what happens at weekends.

The cost for classes in Only £8 and £10 to hire when we’ve recorded it for 72 hrs. Wednesday is only £5. All classes have a Donation aspect so the Paypal link is shared on the night and donors simply say who their donation is for. Monthly Memberships is something to seriously think about (cancel Netflix for a bit) as this can allow you to draw more for less and even receive Free Help with promoting your Art, creative business or anything good for us with Banner Advertising and Newsletters. The more Monthly members and the more chances we can grow our Program in February and further. Memberships are also good for those wanting to start a Local group near them and get ready for going back to Life with in Person events :).

If classes are as busy as we think, we are all going to make them be in January, in such a difficult period when we all need each other and Creativity, we’ll then have much more classes from Mid- February so even better for full members.

Here is what our classes will become from then:

Monday: Same as January but with an earlier session in the day. This will start with Body Areas and other courses for beginners throughout the day. The late session is short and medium poses with guidance/tuition.

Tuesday: will be more of an intermediate level day with longer poses and mainly male models. Other training will happen during the day.

Wednesday: Will be the Portrait day with posing models classes, some also guided and our Members drawing each others portraits.

Thursday will be Torso and tight poses filling the frame and also longish poses twice a day.

Friday is us helping you make Friday “YOUR DAY” with the production of an Artwork with prep/research time and very long pose.

Saturday is same as Monday but with slight different timing so better to check the Saturday class. Once a month we’ll have a Free all weekend event for full members and very low cost for regular members that will go on to Sunday with one day for Life Drawing and the other for Life Drawing.
We’ll also try to have the network to just meet and chat all together on Zoom or similar once a month…

We’ve waited the last minute to announce our events intentionally, to keep our program Fresh and original for as long as possible as anything gets diluted nowadays on Social media/Online. All great ideas and all our news will be announced here on Meetup to everyone but in Brief but in much more detail in our future newsletters as long as you sign up to our Website at (nah mate – I’m not linking to you!)

Please Rsvp on Meetup if you can to help make our group more attractive.

All our events we’ll show there on our Home Page calendar, where you can RSVP or book a ticket for you and for friends/Family.

A lot is going to happen in our Network, with the help of a few volunteers, Interns and people we work with, so a good place to be.

Feel like getting involved? Sign up and chat/message us.
Want to model Live or record yourself? Same, please sign up and get in touch or email directly to eukart at msn.com

To summarize, please go to our home page whenever you receive an announcement here on meetup and if you have time to Draw/Paint with us, buy your ticket there. Monthly members can buy tickets there too when available at 100% discount but otherwise we email them invitations to all our events.


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