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What will they decide to impose?

Following Plaid’s siding with the Welsh Labour cohort it was always a given that an extension to vaccine passes would be passed. That passing occurered on the 9th November and was ‘witnessed’ by a large crowd of ‘No Vaccine Passports’ demonstrators.

But there is an opportunity to review the use of passes in Wales. And that takes place on the 18th November as the time for the three weekly management update comes around and is usually reported on the Friday.

It is widely feared that having recieved a thumbs up at the Senedd vote on the 9th it is likely that the Welsh Government will extend restrictions further, into cafes and bars. This is where they want to be, after all.

This matters not to the provision of my other business, Wales Outdoors, but it does impact upon our daily lives and upon Life Drawing Wales. I will not be requiring anyopne to show thier passes NO MATTER what the legislation is. Simple as! There is no science to support vaccine pass use but there are huge implacations for human rights and the changing nature of the rerslationship between citizen and state.

I’ll be thinking on any changes that those in the Senedd impose upon us and reporting in due course.

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