Yes, here we go again. Of course this was coming. It’s no surprise. They’ve been talking about it since early September.

But still I’m shocked. We have to see these arseholes that are currently calling the shots in jail for the crimes that they are commiting. There is no evidence of enough danger to warrant another lookockdown. There is no evidence lockdowns work. Where is the evidence to justify this continuation of the misery that has been smeared across this miserable year?

I am positive that this total lockdown 2 will not end in a couple off weeks time. I am positive that even if lifted as advertised the local lockdowns will be increased and rules will be tightened. We are not getting out off this any time soon. We are not getting out of this until the masses decide enough is enough and in enough numbers walk away from the mean spirit that the governments of all shades and most nations have adopted as policy.

But until then, and prior to the coming enforcement of a communist state permission to travel or of a wartime curfew, we have life drawing at Little Man available for you.

So do help us wave goodbye to our freedom at our standard life drawing event, shorter too longer poses, from 6pm Tuesday 20th October.

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