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Yes, plenty to inform you about, following my weeks of immersion in my business website development…

The shortform story is I have been attached to my desk following a break up with my business’ host, LCN.COM, my website host of about 15 years. They lied and cheated and simply could not improve the speed of the sites I own, so, I threatened court action, got my money back and I manually moved all of my date to another host. It would appear job done and everything working well!


It’s the new name for Cardiff Life Model Collective. We thought, given our reach, the eleven year business name of Cardiff Life Model Collective was a bit parochial or capital centric. Hence, when we had the option of a free domain name and LIfe Drawing Wales was available it was a no brainer.


We have a brand new community space. It’s everything we’ve wanted it to be. A place that is expandable, is has great engagement and is where all of our models and you can communicate, share and plan in those collaborations. JOIN NOW!


We’ve added all of the events for the rest of the year, so through to our Christmas Party! on 14th December. Spots strictly limited to a maximum of fiften artists. Plan in and get tickets for your Tuesday evening art sessions by going to our EVENTS DIRECTORY


We are considering a membership plan, so a pay for monthly membership offering regulars an ongoing discount on sessions, merch and residentials. WATCH THIS SPACE


First and foremost go to our COMMUNITY. This is the ethical location for your engagement with Life Drawing Wales. We despise Instagram, we abhore facebook and twitter, don’t get us started. We won’t use WhatsApp, Vimeo or YouTube. So, facebook is a space we will still use but only to point to our very own community. We urge you to divest yourselves of engagement with the evil ones…


To promote the healthy acceptance and appreciation of all body types and to encourage all to feel comfortable in their own skin… To ensure the very highest rate of pay and exceptional working conditions for both models and tutors and to campaign for such…

Andy Muse

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