Cardiff Life Model Collective has been supplying naked people for art classes in South Wales and beyond since 2010 and it’s been a very enjoyable, if at times, bumpy ride.

I was recently told that a tutor delivering life drawing in The Valleys was ‘slagging me off’. And for the life of me I could not place the tutor but, after a few clues, it dawned on me, yes, Tracy Rees at Garth Olwg. And I was amazed! What is wrong with people?

I have in the past had to send a short cease and desist message to a few people, and one of these has been to Tracy.

In 2010 I supplied, for a term, models for Tracy’s life drawing sessions at Garth Olwg in Church Village. I would have been happy to continue to supply models to her group had she not contacted me to state that I was not to use images taken at her sessions on Cardiff Life Model Collectives fb feed. Now, we only use images with the express permission of attending artists and being the friendly caring and sharing kind of group the images were used with links to Tracy’s sessions and encouragement for my own clients and database to go draw with her, after all, we all benefit from each other, at least thats the way we see things…

Garth Olwg Gallery

So, I thought, life’s too short and I told her that we would no longer be working with her. Mutual support is our way and castle building and ‘ownership’ is something we do not want to be a part of. And that I thought would be the end of it.

It would appear though that since 2010 I have been a fixed point of interest for Tracy and at various times, when meeting the great and the good of the South Wales art world for instance, she takes the opportunity to rubbish both me and, therefore, Cardiff Life Model Collective.

As stated, I have written to her in the past, several years ago in fact, asking politely for her to stop. It was only a month ago that I was informed that she hadn’t. And so I ask again, what is wrong with people?

10 years! Tracy… Let it go…

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