In response to a request to share a zoom life drawing event…

Good to hear from you.

If this were to be for an in person event I’d be very happy to promote and share. However, I have a stated policy of never working with online art classes or art events. I see no benefit to artists from online life drawing and much abuse of peoples goodwill by people like Tony Picasso and his push to gain clients from across the UK for his online sessions. 

For me art classes are not solely about the art although of course that helps, they are about networking and social experiences and sharing an event and a space with other actual in the flesh people. 

With regards to covid I think that we should all be urging people back into real face to face experiences and attempting to undo the appalling damage delivered by government and authority in this fake pandemic. The promotion of online events only serves to assist the state in maintaining a climate of fear by saying to people it’s OK for you to stay at home and to be afraid, in fact you’ll never have to go to a class and meet real people again, and we will facilitate your remote experiences for you. That’s not a world I want to be living in or be party to. 

Sorry if that was all a bit strong but I thought you should have an explanation of why I won’t share your event. Of course if you run in person events in the future I’d likely be happy to share those. 

All the best

Andy – Cardiff Life Model Collective

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