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Every fucking time!!!

A few weeks ago I and a few of our regularly attending artists made our way over the border and into England for some filming in Bristol. We were headhunted to be stars of a Peter Kosminsky high profile political thriller, to be shot for Channel 4 and co-starring Simon Pegg.

I organised five artists and myself and we got PCR tested a few days in advance and then on the day of the shoot we were a little early, we were extremely professional and the take was seamless, over and done with, no bother.

In advance of the contract I had asked about payment, how long would it take? I was assured two weeks and stupidly I believed them… After all it was Peter, it was Channel 4.

Two weeks ran into three and then I started chasing which ran into four… It was six weeks before we were paid. Not so bad. Not seven months as I have had in the past. But it was only paid in six weeks because I threatened court action. When I made that threat it was paid within the day… But, after being absolutely promised it would be two weeks I have simply had enough. This off the back of EVERY media company taking it down to the ‘I’ll take you to Cardiff Courts’ wire…

So… If you are a media company seeking naked people, yes, we will work with you, but we will be setting the rate and the rate will be three times the rate you have in your head. Pay it and you’ll have a great experience with us. Don’t want to pay it, no bother, we’re not desperate. We see tripleing the fee as worth it as the stress and hassle of chasing payments due is something that is never factored into any payment for services. Until now…

Of course we see few media companies wishing to work with us for £900 a day for a naked person so effectively we are saying ‘Fuck Off’. We don’t need you.

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