Back in November I was getting naked for a hen party in South Devon. Funny how one thing leads to another but suffice to say one of the hen’s got in touch with me a month or so later and invited me over to Horsley (near Stroud) to run a one hour taster life drawing session for her newly formed Women’s Institute group also known as ‘All or Muffin’. Of course I was up for this and upon arrival was greeted by a radio show host from BBC Radio Gloucestershire. · 

The session went swimingly and it made for a good ten minutes of radio. Plenty of comment about giggles and embarrassment but it would seem I did my job well and made all present feel at their ease. Unlike my interview for Radio 4 with Anneka Rice I managed to save this one and get it hosted by soundcloud. 

And remember, I am always available for interviews, nude or not, about nakedness and life modelling, so drop me a line 🙂 

Andy Muse

First published in November 2014


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