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Neil Young waited for a more youthful generation take up the baton from the ’60’s protest movement, but, none did. So, when Neil Young recognised that no one was going to make an anti war song in the wake of the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq he went and made one. Not his finest work but a statement by a great musician against the prevailing political mainstream.

We live in an increasingly dangerous world, a world that has seen Cardiff Life Model Collective censored on YouTube, Facebook, Google and on Twitter. Tumblr changed it’s ‘rules’, and, so for us, is no more. The world is not only being made beige at the hands of the social media elite it is 100% polarised as we are encouraged by misguided liberal sentiment to disallow discussion and a wide range of opinion and as we are censored by those spaces where we ought to be giving voice to our uniqueness.. Apparently we must ‘like’ what we already like and only interact with the new at ‘their’ nudging.

For us it’s simple and it’s all about nipples. We remain adamant that the nipple, both the male AND the female, ought to be free. However, for others the stakes are higher and we should all be worried. It looks as though the era of free speech is drawing to a close…

It is the shutting down of alternative thought, so the deleting of David Icke from Vimeo and from Facebook and yesterday from Youtube that has me setting fingers to keyboard. It is the banning of firebrands like Alex Jones, a conservative ‘conspiracy theorist’ who is now banned across all platforms that has me very worried for all of our futures. Because, whatever you think of David’s or Alex’s ideas, banning is not the way to understand and so to collectively reach solutions. Banning does not inform and open debate but banning only serves to further polarise.

But worse than the banning of those not towing the line these social media giants actively promote those who are delivering their programme or who are in line with their masters agenda. We have seen doctors delivering scientific and current experience based assessments banned (a great speech by Tucker Carlson) whilst the ‘owner’ of the WHO and person who is set to gain the most from this current crisis, Bill Gates, given a very large platform… Where is the debate, the informing, the ability for you to make up your own mind? Of course, they are all missing by design.

The BBC and in fact all mainstream media are no better than these dangerous Silicon Valley entities. They are arms of the establishment that offer an illusion of unbiased reporting and complexity of discussion but in fact tailor the ‘news’ to tell a story. Covid 19 is a fine example of this and what follows is a bullet point list of the key points of controversy associated with the current crisis:

Whatever your thoughts on the virus the truth is simple to get at… UK population 65,000,000 – Death in the UK to date using the disputed official figures 28,000 – giving YOU a 0.043% chance of dying from Covid 19 in the UK. Seasonal flu deaths of a couple of years ago were 26,000.

And so, in the midst of this lockdown, where is the protest? Where is the art forcing the viewer to question the government, to question the nature of the crisis and our response to it and where is the art that is a counter to the truly awful and dangerous actions of the social media giants, the broadcasting media and the press.

As much as is possible Cardiff Life Model Collective are avoiding social media platforms and have been for quite some time. We don’t use Twitter, we don’t use Tumblr, we have just deleted our Vimeo in protest at the deletion of the whole of the Icke archive We don’t use YouTube. We have a google presence but do not update it. We still need Facebook to connect with the world and this is troubling but we no longer post content directly to Facebook. Most content originates here, on the Cardiff Life Model Collective blog and hosted by our server. We do have Instagram and we post to that daily, but maybe we might just ditch that too…

We urge you to do the same. Stop using angry twitter and narcissistic Instagram and big brother Facebook… they are all very bad for your soul… And go make some protest art, we’ll publish it. After all, all art is political!

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