Published February 21st 2017 – Cardiff News Plus

Cardiff Arts Free Festival was held at Little Man Coffee Company last weekend and over hundred people came to join. The Cardiff Arts Festival was co-organized by organisation Cardiff Creative Writers and Cardiff Life Model Collective. The event lasted 13 hours. There were a variety of arts workshops and craft fair during the day. And band performance began in evening from 7pm to 11pm. 

Yoga class was one of the most popular workshops. Not only professional yogis, lots of yoga beginners also joined the class. Arfa Begum was one of the participants. She said ” I do recommend yoga and meditation, and it does keep your mind and body in balance.” Yoga is widely accepted as an effective way to release negative energy. Due to yoga’s high demand for body flexibility, many people dare not to try. However, in fact, yoga is not restricted to professionals, everyone can have a try as long as they enjoy in doing it. 

Knitting might bring people nostalgic memories. Under the guidence of the instructor, people sat together and tried to knit things like socks and gloves. Layla Buckley, who was the instructor, said:”Knitting is a lovely and creative skill to have and you are able to make things for people you love and people are really touched by that.” 

Andrew Lamb was the organiser of the event. Andrew is the most employed life model in UK NAKED MAN, and he is also a poet. He was one of the two life models of the Life Drawing Workshop in the event. Being a life model is not a easy thing. The modelling work is tough, sometimes the model have to stay in one position for hours. Besides, the model also need to be confident enough to show his or her body in front of people. Andrew said he had been trying to guide the models to be more confident in their bodies and relax in the life drawing class. 

Andrew hopes the event could help the artists to work collectively and encourage more people to participated in the arts in Cardiff in the future.

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