I received an email asking if I could find a male happy to be examined by a doctor for a late night edition of Embarrassing Bodies. 

I’d never seen the show (still haven’t) but thought, well, I’ve never done live TV before so it’s one to tick off the bucket list, would likely be interesting and would have my bits plastered over national TV – Well, the most naked man in the UK couldn’t say no to that 🙂 

So, I made my way to Birmingham for a late night live TV appearance and I thought how my life and my person had changed. No butterflies, no feeling of dread, just a take it in my stride and in full control kinda thing. I’ve matured as a life model. I hold the power. I’m not disempowered by being naked, quite the opposite. 

I had a crop top t shirt made to measure, how 70’s, and went through make up (a bit of foundation to stop glare and a bit of a tidy up) and we rehearsed the piece about four times before going for the take. Now, whatever any actor or actress says about how uncomfortable a nude scene is with a film crew in place, with hangers on having a peak or perhaps even on a very quiet closed set of a couple of people… Well, it’s nothing at all… 

And then it was done and I was off, heading back to the Forest of Dean for a camp with some friends and amazingly a run with some Wild Boar the following day! · 

Anyways, here is the part of the show with me in it, plus, the opening credits… And man, what an intro… All that pointy finger stuff and boob feeling… Gratuitous or what! 

Andy Muse

First published sometime in May 2013

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