Given the state of things at the mo, the absolute desolation of our high streets, entertainment and service industries, I thought it would be a good idea to invite friends to join a networking group of business’ and services and look to this for future promotions.

I want to rapidly grow the list and so will add those business’ no matter what they offer, so long as they do not clash with an existing similar business that is similarly located so long as the business has been recommended by a trusted friend. You!

When we have good Wales wide coverage I’ll contact all listed and will look to a discount card that can be used across all business’, for the map to be made available on the business’ website or as a leaflet in a premises, that kind of thing. 

No chains or big corporations allowed, this is the small guys taking on the big guys in the most adorable manner possible, by loving each others products 🙂 

So, for now, I’m looking for those recommendations. Think of that cafe where service was above and beyond, that shop where there was an unexpected no quibble return policy, that service that left you feeling oh so much better… You’ve got the idea 🙂 

Go ahead, recommend your favourites and have them Join Us!

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