A rather excellent 3rd year film student studying at the University of South Wales, Anna Korecka, got in touch with us and after getting to know us and attending a few sessions of life drawing a plan began to hatch. A good while after our first contact Anna was back in touch and she had done an amazing thing, securing support from the BBC and winning one of four student documentary film slots!

And she wanted to make a film about Andy and Cardiff Life Model Collective. And of course we helped her out 🙂

Watch Happy Naked People at Mediasilo

Not the best quality as copied from mob laptop screen using QuickTime but it’s a permanent record of this BBC production directed by the wonderful Anna Korecka

Go Here for the BBC iPlayer page

We think Anna the director did a fine job as did Anna and Andra the models. Andy did OK too 🙂 Of course, once we started with the ‘A’ team there was no way that anyone with a name beginning with anything other than A could have taken part 😉

Cardiff Life Model Collective will always offer time to students with well thought through ideas to assist with production of innovative or informative life art films, pieces, paintings, photography or performances…

Thank you Anna Korecka for making such a fine film!

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