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This is so tedious…

I believe that someone, likely a competitor, has reported Cardiff Life Model Collective for inappropriate images, and, so over the past few days, I have been having difficulty in maintaining the instagram feed. The end came when Instagram disallowed an image with no recourse for a review and with a warning that continued posting of such images would result in the deletion of the account.

Like all models that post nude images on instagram I religiously blur out nipples and any suggestion of genetalia. There is and never has been any ‘bit’s’ on show on the Cardiff Life Model Collective instagram feed. So, despite working within the guidelines for posting the problems associated with posting have led me to the decision to no longer give my work to Instascam.

And, out of interest, I spent five minutes searching the instagram platform with search terms like bikini teen and teen babes… And wow! What did I find!

Instascam Gallery

Instascam has NO BOTS automatically removing inappropriate for its platform images. Oh no, it seems to allow anything you care to post. Of course I found sexualised images of young people but, and this is key to Instascam being unable to take ANY high ground whatsoever, I also found actual porn with anal and fisting and blow jobs and ejaculation. The many accounts with this type of content have titles that include porno or sex or similar, so that they can be easily found in a search of the platform.

So, the question has to be asked. Why threaten the deletion of an account that is careful to post only images that are a reflection of the work done, that are not sexualised and that display no nipples, penis’ or vaginas WHILST allowing the promotion porn?

Now, I’m not saying there is no place for porn on the internet, after all, in many ways, it is the internet. What I am saying is that instagram is probably not the place for it and more importantly I am stating that Instagram is duplicitous, is incompetent, is unable to make their platform a safe place for minors and is, for whatever reason that only Instascam understands, is actively allowing actual porn to be posted to it’s platform. I say ‘actively allowing’ as it is a simple thing to find these accounts and surely a simple algorithm or daily search by a real person would find these accounts and have the users banned and the accounts taken down.

Shame on Instascam!

See tomorrows big post for details of Cardiff Life Model Collective’s reaction to Instagram’s policing of us. It will be a description of the measures that we are taking to have ownership of our content whilst using the platform to get ourselves ‘out there’.

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