Yes, welcome to the NEW Cardiff Life Model Collective. After a few days of furiously updating all platforms I think that everything is in place. There will likely be a few teething problems but nothing major at the mo, more cosmetic, so I thought I can now invite you over to the new community and ask you to check out the new events calendar. 

ATTENDING EVENTS is encouraged (it supports us and there models) and open to all 🙂 You will get 2 hours life drawing a quirky location and relaxed atmosphere. You will also get a cuppa of something lovely on arrival and occasionally we’ll throw in a slice of cake. We always have basic art materials available but we do recommend bringing your own kit with you. Spaces are limited at the mo to 20 which I think initially won’t be a problem but as we get back into the swing this limit can and will be met so it is essential that you book your spot. Cash on the day will not be accepted. No ticket in advance, no admittance, sorry. We are future proofing this system to hopefully be able to cope with a range of unforeseen circumstances and advice booking is part of that future proofing. 

BOOKING YOUR SPOT is really simple! Go to the calendar  have a look at the events and book those that you wish to attend. There is a secure payment gateway for each event and this is powered by the internets leading online payment portal, Stripe. Your details re not held by us and your payment is a secure one. You will get a confirmation and that’s it  – you’re in 🙂 

OUR COMMUNITY You may or may not be aware of the damage being done by the internet giants to our society and I just can’t live with being part of that so everything digital now begins it’s life in our community. This is ours it’s very much like fb but I think it’s better – it’s focused social media and with a promise that we don’t own your work or your data and you will never be distracted by trampolining cats, just by quality figurative art 🙂 Join Us!

MEETUP is now solely a signposting tool. This is because the management of meetup are tools and despite raking in likely billions each year the software, from an event providers perspective, is really antiquated and dysfunctional. Also, they only let you pay online with Paypal and Paypal are evil. Do come here to browse events if you wish but do follow the link at the top of each events description to RSVP and pay.

COMING SOON will be a subscription membership portal where you pay a fixed monthly fee and can attend any event without further charge, gift cards, buy 5 get one free etc. 

I HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED and that you will be engaging with us and coming along to our wonderful life drawing events

See you soon

Andy and the team 🙂

Outdoor Professional @ Wales Outdoors, Model @ Cardiff Life Model Colective and Published Poet @ Self...