First off, I don’t understand why there are those on Facebook that ‘like’ Google, or Amazon or in fact for that matter, Facebook. We know they are evil even as we make use of their services…

Anyways, I had an argument with google as they took down the Cardiff Life Model Collective listings in an act of spite and anger following this conversation with a google ‘help’ team staff member… I say ‘help’ as they don’t help, just compound frustration…

I give you the transcript in full. It’s like chatting to a robot stuck in a loop at times… The argument was about the removal of a post to the Cardiff Life Model Collective My Business feed. It was a photo of me, Andy, wearing swimming trunks along with links and texts to future Cardiff Life Model Collective events.

With these massive entities not engaging and being clear or fair about content policy all business’ can fall foul of arbitrary decisions and suffer as a consequence… Google IS Evil…

Google Support

Pranathi 3:26 pm Thanks for contacting Google Support. My name is Pranathi.

Andrew 3:26 pm hi

Pranathi 3:27 pm Hello Andrew, I hope you are having a great day so far. How may I help you today?

Andrew 3:27 pm I made a post a week or so ago and I’ve just noticed it was not allowed. It has NO nudity so please state why it was not allowed

Pranathi 3:28 pm Let me look into this issue right away for you.

Pranathi 3:28 pm I see the email address as, [email protected] Is this correct?

Andrew 3:29 pm yes

Pranathi 3:29 pm Cardiff life model collective is the name of the business, Am I correct?

Andrew 3:29 pm YES!

Pranathi 3:30 pm Thank you for providing the information.

Pranathi 3:31 pm May I place this chat on hold for 2-3 minutes while I look into your issue further?

Andrew 3:31 pm Yes that’s fine

Pranathi 3:33 pm Thank you for staying connected, I appreciate your patience.

Andrew 3:33 pm ok

Pranathi 3:34 pm If the post violates our policies and guidelines, it would be rejected automatically.

Andrew 3:34 pm but its doesn’t

Pranathi 3:34 pm You can go through the policies and guidelines for better understanding.

Pranathi 3:34 pm

Andrew 3:34 pm Nope – you tell me why it was not allowed please

Pranathi 3:38 pm I would be sending you an email with our policies and guidelines so you can go through them. Also, Google My Business users are responsible for making sure that their posted content complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Andrew 3:38 pm For gods sake just answer my question!!!

Andrew 3:39 pm WHY WAS THAT POST NOT ALLOWED? It did not violate any law or google rule

Pranathi 3:40 pm The post was rejected as it is violating our policies, posts with such type of photos may get rejected.

Andrew 3:41 pm Why? there is a man wearing some swimming trunks

Andrew 3:41 pm Are google going to ban all beach photos?

Andrew 3:42 pm Are google now the arbiters of morality? There IS NO NUDITY that would cause offence to anyone. EXPLAIN!

Pranathi 3:43 pm Once the posts gets rejected, it may not go live as all the posts would be reviewed by our specialist team, Andrew.

Andrew 3:43 pm Are you an idiot – of course I know that the post can’t go live once rejected. Why are you wasting my time? ONCE AGAIN tell me why it was rejected. Tell me what is wrong with the image

Pranathi 3:45 pm Would request you not to use such language as this is an official chat , if you continue to use the same , I will be forced to discontinue this chat with you.

Andrew 3:45 pm Well, give me faith that you are serious in resolving this and don’t tell me the obvious. Answer my question please

Pranathi 3:45 pm The post was rejected as it is violating our policies.

Andrew 3:46 pm How was it violating the policies

Pranathi 3:46 pm Posts with such type of photos may get rejected.

Andrew 3:47 pm May? Tell me why a post with a man with swimming trunks on might get rejected

Pranathi 3:49 pm Those type of posts would be rejected as it is not falling under our guidelines. You can refer the inappropriate and offensive content topic for a better understanding.

Pranathi 3:49 pm Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Andrew 3:51 pm Nope – I do not accept that a man in trunks is breaking google guidelines. Please be clear and explain how a man in trunks NOT displaying genitalia, so effectively clothed, is breaking googles guidelines

Pranathi 3:54 pm Andrew, I wish I could help you with this however as it has been rejected by our special team as it is inappropriate, we cannot do anything from our end.

Andrew 3:55 pm OK – put me in touch with your ‘special team’

Pranathi 3:56 pm I am afraid I would be unable to it.

Andrew 3:56 pm why

Pranathi 3:58 pm We don´t have the option to transfer you to our specialist team.

Andrew 3:58 pm what is the special teams email?

Pranathi 3:59 pm Only we can escalate the issues from our end to the team. There is no email, Andrew. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Pranathi 3:59 pm You can try to upload more posts which fall under our policies so it may go live.

Andrew 4:00 pm My god, like hens teeth this is… So are you going to escalate this and how do I know that you have done that

Pranathi 4:00 pm I would be sending you an email with our policies and guidelines so you can go through them.

Pranathi 4:01 pm I am afraid that I would be unable to escalate as the content is violating our policies, even they would not be helping with this.

Andrew 4:02 pm NO it is NOT !!! Thats 35 minutes to get to you saying there is nothing you can do and you can’t explain anything and you can’t pass on to someone else. Google help is a complete waste of space! 


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