There has never been a more gloomy time to resurrect the fear of childhood, you know, ghosts and ghouls and monsters, and have them populate the adult minds’ landscapes but to offer up some hope in the form of ‘V’.

We can and will defeat the men in suits.
This two-part Life Drawing Performance evening includes a reprise of the shenanigans of October 31st, an historical scene snatched from the gallows of January 1606 and some graphic novel storytelling that enthuses and fills all with hope for a new dawn…

• What we’ll do
A life drawing session that is two hours long and that takes place in a wonderfully relaxed Cardiff city centre environment – go improve your drawing skills and meet some South Wales artists too 🙂

• What to bring
Sketchpad and pencil

• Important to know
There will be a naked person in the room


November 1


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Life Drawing & Models - Cardiff, South Wales & South West

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Little Man Studio

Ivor House

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