And my rebuke sent to District Judge Asbry of Cardiff Courts

Our conversation, for which I lost 25GBP as I had to arrive at my sessional job an hour late, was a waste of time. You could, instead of listing for directions, which on the day it was clear you had no intention of doing, have informed me that further details were required.

However, you didn’t and the court service in Cardiff have yet again made it clear that justice is not in the interests of the City of Cardiff.

I made it clear in the amended submission in your possession that the claim, a paltry 15GBP plus 35GBP in costs, was for the abuse of a dominant position by Axis, by not being affected by normal competitive constraints and by charging less than a market rate for services delivered. These are all illegal under UK Law and are outlined at and I provided you with the direct link to the cartel page. The agreement between Axis and the landlords of The Capitol Centre is also clearly anti-competitive where Axis operate services in direct competition with existing local business and so illegal under UK law (Competitions Act 1998).

Your assertion that my complaint would see all charity shops being closed was, if I may say, ludicrous, and designed to wrong-foot me. Charity shops are very different to an art gallery offering art services but without paying either rent or a wage. Those at the Axis property offering life drawing are doing so in direct competition with the existing provision that does pay rent and does pay a very good wage to its staff… Your assertion that I would need to seek professional advice was designed to do the same. Why did I new advice? I made clear the reasons for and the effects of Axis’ decision to not stop competing with my business on a very sloping playing field and I gave you the links to the points of law for your consideration.

I made, in good faith, a claim against an organisation that has, in this matter zero regard for existing business and that uses its weight to clearly damage the sustainability of those offering similar services to those of their members.

Your inability to judge on this matter, when to me the law is clear, speaks volumes not about me or my assertion, but about you and the court’s service.

Further, you have, instead of sending a reprimand to Axis, to asking Axis to think again and to look at the effect of their operations on legitimate existing services, have only empowered them and this will be to the detriment of those who work to higher standards and with a sustainable provision in mind.

I will not be seeking advice and I will not, therefore, be submitting an amended form. You’ve had your way and have had another claim struck out without the need for you to make a judgement.

Shame on Axis and also shame on you and the court’s services in Cardiff.


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