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Hello, I am Andrew Lamb, the owner of Cardiff Life Model Collective.

I am writing to ask what the Arts Council Of Wales have been doing to action the points discussed in a meeting of perhaps a couple of years ago where you agreed that you ought to be reaching out to existing business’ to:

Create a database of all existing arts organisations and business’

To signpost users to these existing organisations and business’

To make clear in any grant funding to projects or individuals that existing business’ are to be used if at all possible where services need to be provided

To ensure that grant funding does not adversely impact those who currently provide a service by financially enabling others to offer similar in a similar catchment area

I do hope that the list is near completion and that protocols are in place to ensure that The Arts Council Of Wales are supporting existing artists and arts business’ and that the Arts Council Of Wales are not in the business of damaging those business’ that have been so hard hit by the past year.

I look forward to hearing from you

Andrew Lamb

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