It’s a more often than not thing that I find myself aligning with the right nowadays, the Katie Hopkins, the Peter Hitchens and the Douglas Murrays of this world, being seemingly the last bastion of freedom and sanity in a society turned upside down by political and structural upheaval. The left, my natural home, seems to have embraced the totalitarian style of Eastern European Government prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s stay in doors, don’t speak to one another, report neighbours ‘wrongdoings’, it’s close your business, forget everything but covid, lockdown is the new normal. 

Two days ago we learn that China has over half a million people in forced labour camps. But we still wish to trade with China. One day ago I was reminded of the food supply chain and the food shortages that will likely be the result of Brexit. No contingencies are in place for this. Today Johnson said to the house that all four leaders of the UK nations agreed on the approach to citizens meeting at Christmas and then almost immediately the other leaders added caveats. Drakeford said that in Wales meeting up would be two not three households but would not be law and was only advice. A couple of hours later Drakeford then said it would be law. At the same time Drakeford said that Wales would be entering a FULL national lockdown from December 28th. The people that govern the United Kingdom have done a woeful job at respectable international relations policy, planning for foreseeable disastrous events and managing the Covid 19 Crisis. The UK stands with those at THE BOTTOM of the European league tables regarding handling of the crisis with the greatest economic damage and the highest death rates and this despite the most invasive and draconian public policy ever during peace time. And there is no opposition. Both Labour and Conservative led administrations are as woeful as each other. There is no collective voice that stands forcefully against the powers that rule over us. It is the individual commentators, the intellectuals and pundits that we must turn to to raise the flag of freedom… And that is very dangerous indeed. 

I predict that this lockdown will last, on and off, until Easter. 2021 is set to be as much of a write off as 2020. We have been front loaded by Witty that masks will remain throughout 2021. Sturgeon has said don’t book a holiday. We all know that cases (not deaths) will rise in January and that rise will be blamed on us, the people, and that rise will be used as a stick to beat us. This attack on working class lifestyles and working and middle class business’ will see the destruction of much that we hold dear about our culture. Small business owners are on their knees. But small business owners should stand up. 

Cardiff Life Model Collective just a few weeks ago set up the Cardiff Life Model Classroom. This educational programme has been designed to provide a route into employment for those interested in earning a living as a model or as an artist. The classroom is also there for personal learning outcomes and for many can be used as Continual Personal Development (CPD).

Cardiff Life Model Collective also recognise that for many we are the only regularly met friendly face, their community that supports their mental and physical health.

As soon as the Welsh Ass allow we will re-instate the Cardiff Life Model Collective programme of art classes and these classes will be varied and engaging. We believe that moving into the Welsh Tier Three will allow us to offer classes again. Please do all that you can to pressure your AM to have the whole of Wales relax the forthcoming insane restrictions.

Happy Christmas!


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