Well, there were NO offences

But hey, that doesn’t seem to bother the bot’s at FB HQ.

Have I won? Have my threats and court action (failed) against Facebook London and my chatting to Facebooks solicitor in Eire (the Facebook tax evasion headquarters) had someone at Facebook Eire see sense and remove all history of ‘offending’?

I noted on my Cardiff Life Model Facebook page, hidden in the background, that ALL prior perceived offences (none of which would stand up as offences against Facebooks own rules) have been removed and so it would appear that Cardiff Life Model Collective is not now shadow banned across the Facebook platform.

Of course there is no way for me to test this, to test the extent of the reprieve from being invisible…

So yes… I think I have won! I’ll take it as a win! The small guy walks away from the big guy with some semblance of the right thing having been done 🙂

News Just In!

Excellent news out of the states yesterday which it’s unlikely that you’ve caught wind of…

‘President’ Trump is leading a class action against Google, Twitter and Facebook and their respective CEO’s

I’m obviously in full support of the man following years of de-platforming and censorship by Facebook against my two business’. Google too… Twitter too…

As stated previously, I got as far as filing in Cardiff Courts but it appears Facebook is not an entity in the UK and those who wish to face off with Facebook in a court setting have to do so in Dublin, which I was not prepared to do. But Trump, and in the US… This is set to be the court case of the CENTURY…

I’ll be following proceedings as intently as is possible.

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