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But I am not here to be liked…

To all those that have shouted me down from positions of ill-informed and I must say unintelligently applied analysis, if any analysis were present at all, I’d like to state that ‘I told you so’.

Yes, the soothsayers of the conspiracy theory community somehow got it right again. Who would have thought it? It’s now very clear, isn’t it? There has been no pandemic. The deaths ‘with’ covid are highly comparable to generally noted levels (over the past twenty years 2020 stands ninth worst for deaths). Burials and cremations in 2020 saw no concerning difference to the previous five years. With this knowledge, we have to question the WHY. Why are governments, globally, destroying small businesses and making their populations ill? Theories abound so we won’t go there here but how about some truth bombs…


  • The drugs don’t work. Simple and clear. If they did we would be free now, as promised, wouldn’t we?
  • Worse, the drugs are killing people at an alarming rate, just see the unexplained all cause mortality statistics
  • The elderly and vulnerable have not been cared for, indeed, the elderly were thrown to the wolves
  • The mainstream media is lying through its bought and paid for, with taxpayers money, arse. The UK Government is now the leading advertiser across all mainstream media. And guess who is second? Yeah, you got it, Big Pharma… No wonder you believe the lies and are living in fear of what for most is no more concerning than the common cold
  • The government scientists are nudging the population into complying by using fear – see Laura Dodsworth’s ‘A State Of Fear’ and the previous bullet point
  • The government’s ministers and medical advisors are lying through their comfortably cushioned arses, delivering bite sized statements and graphs to the nation that within hours are debunked and in the bin… But the damage is done, you believe what ‘they’ say and dismiss the corrections
  • And, despite all of this, you, the public, remain uncritical and are taking the drugs in droves

Agree or disagree – join me here for the debates – https://non-compliancealliance.co.uk

I’ve lost many who I regarded as friends and regulars to this community, both models and artists alike. From May 2020 I have been calling this Covid 19 insanity for what it is, a mass hysteria planned and executed by a hidden elite who have been orchestrating government reaction globally. Some don’t like this. They react to the truth with rather basic and easily discernable tools that shut down debate, likely because they are scared, but oh so damaging for all of us. Some are living in isolation not able to rejoin in-person communities for fear of catching a cold that likely they have already had.

Here are some facts, all of which are now incontrovertible and all of which the mainstream have denied, and in many cases still deny, being the truth.

  • The Virus was bought and paid for by the US Government and developed from bat virus in the lab in Wuhan. It leaked in October 2019 at the military games and spread rapidly globally from this superspreader event. In January 2021 saying this virus came from a lab in Wuhan would have you labelled a Trump supporter and banned from Twitter or some such. Fauci denied emphatically that there was no gain of function research taking place, despite he knowing that this virus was funded under his oversight. Fauci and those responsible in the NIH ought to be in jail for this and the US and China ought to be footing the global bill for Covid 19. Shame on you for being complicit in the demonisation of those who dared to speak out and to debate the causes of this crisis. Shame on you for disabling your own critical mind in order to stand on a partisan platform.
  • Lockdowns don’t work. I and others, including the UN and initially the WHO, said that more damage would be done by mandating lockdowns than by protecting the vulnerable and having the able crack on with their lives. See the Great Barrington Declaration for information on such a plan and the signatories to it. Our government said they did not have a plan. They therefore copied and pasted the Chinese totalitarian regimes methods and locked down. But they did have a plan, a pandemic response plan years in the honing, with staff trained to implement such. This plan was ripped up and thrown into the bin for positive results in poles and for supportive front page headlines. We now know that more people will die of lockdown than they ever would from or even with Covid 19. Shame on all of you who supported lockdown and the terrible legacy for business and young peoples mental health and shame on you for elderly and infirm dying in isolation, unable to see their loved ones.
  • Masks don’t work. They never have. Indeed, until August 2020 the advice from our government and the WHO was that masks would do nothing to protect society from the virus and conversely could cause a rise in poor citizen health. Even in Germany, with medical grade masks being mandated, there remains no evidence that masks used in the general population can change the course of a pandemic. Flappy bits of reusable cloth – haha – you’ve all been had haven’t you? Where’s your common sense? What masks do is signal FEAR and dissociate us from each other… And that is the plan, isn’t it… Shame on you for complying with the idiocy of mask wearing and conforming to your new normal, which by the way, you can keep to yourselves. Shame on you for attempting to shame others into wearing masks. Shame on you for supporting our governments in mandating the dirty rags.
  • The drugs don’t work. Yep, surely it must be clear now? For fourteen days after taking the jab you are more likely to catch covid BUT you will go down as an unjabbed statistic. Between three and six months of being double jabbed you are down to less than 30% efficacy. Worse still, the double jabbed have more than doubled their chances of heart illness over the course of their lifetime. You’ve seen the footballers, the elite sports people dropping like flies, yeah? You’ve read the stories of kids dying from heart disease right? You know that pfizer won’t reveal the full list of ingredients of it’s mRNA gene therapy, that they won’t revel all they know about their manufacture and testing of this therapy for at least 50 years, that they are a criminal company with multiple criminal convictions and the largest criminal fine in US history? And yet you’re all heading out for your boosters. Shame on you for having complete disregard for your own health and for applying pressure on others to take medical interventions they do not want to take. Shame on you for even contemplating a jab mandate, for letting those that you bravely clapped for in the first lockdown be sacked by their ungrateful employers, you, for asserting their right to bodily autonomy.
  • Vaccine Passports don’t work. If they did there would be measurable effects in countries with these in place. There are not. Indeed, it would appear that the evidence is clear. They do nothing to stop the spread of virus. Accepting vaccine passports, using a passport or even a lateral flow test to enter a business is to be compliant with totalitarianism. We are not and should never be a papers please society. We must fight this most draconian and insidious of moves by our government. Shame on you for downloading the app to your phone. Shame on you for taking a test to enter a club. The only solution is to support business like Life Drawing Wales that will NEVER ask for your medical information and to boycott ALL of those that do.

I told you we were headed here. I said there would be passports and further lockdowns and restrictions. I told you that this will not stop until we make it stop.

And the future… If we allow it we are looking at a bland society, managed by your national and local governments grey suits, where your banking is managed by the same, the places you go to are managed by the same and your voice, if it strays from the mainstream narrative, is silenced. China light. And yet you are downing that in quarts and becoming heady on the sick brew. You abuse those who think differently, you report those who make a public stand and you quote the scientists and fact-checkers that are in the pocket of big pharma and international criminals such as billy goats.

And I know this is rather rude, but, if you don’t see what’s going on now, then I fear there is little hope for you and I don’t want you making ‘toxic’ the environments that I live in. So, ‘unlike’ this group on Facebook, and we’ll go our separate ways. No hard feelings and best of luck for your future. I hope that at some point there will be a lifting of the veil and those that have been hoodwinked will be able to see this crisis for what it truly is and that our lives can return to something akin to 2019.

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