a huge disappointment. 

It used to be the case that it was towards the arts that we looked for resistance, for new ideas, for non-compliance and for those two fingers aimed upwards and towards the state. 

Green Man and similar… I am truly disappointed at the organisers, the vendors, the musicians and the punters all of whom are acquiescing to a medical apartheid state by complying with demands to see their covid health status and to have others do so. Disgraceful and a good way towards complete totalitarian control of our every action. I mean, wouldn’t you be horrified if those with HIV were refused entry because of the risk of aids? That would never have been acceptable in the ’80’s and is not acceptable now. 

Why comply with this insanity when there is a 99.7% recovery rate from the covids? When the drugs don’t work (the ‘vaccinated’ carry the same viral load as those who are un vaccinated and so they will contract and spread at the same rate). I stand #together with all who are opposed to a medical apartheid state and who are against vaccine passports. My business’ will either thrive or die on this hill. This is the line I and many others will not cross. SHAME on all those who will and have. Shame on Green Man!

Support the fight for our future freedoms by boycotting all business and events that require either you or their staff to provide medical information. Be like Van Morrison, Ian Brown, be like Eric Clapton and Richard Ashcroft. 

Join us to be #together

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