Early on this year I was in discussion with The Arts Council Wales and they admitted quite openly that they had done a woeful job of outreach and that they really must try harder.

Do YOU know of any working artists or arts organisations that have been contacted directly by The Arts Council in Wales?

I also made it clear that there should be no adverse impact on existing arts business as an outcome of issuing a grant. I had full agreement and then pointed out that Cardiff Life Model Collective were being adversely effected by a start up and Arts Council funded arts business and they pointed me to their complaints procedure which I tried to follow but in the end gave up on as life is just too short…


And so in their recent round of funding there is no outreach and there is funding for, in the main, the usual suspects, those organisations that always suck up the cash. In there is over half a million for the despised Chapter Arts Centre, a space that is mismanaged, elitist and survives only by not paying a decent wage and by using free (intern and volunteer) labour.


Well done Arts Council Wales. You continue, year after year, to show your unimaginative and corporate colours

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