What can I say…

A few years back I was approached by Tony – to see if I could provide some London contacts. I engaged for a bit but when he got in touch and asked if I wanted to model for him but that the ‘pay’ would be photos for my portfolio or a voucher to draw at one of his sessions I said ‘stick it!’

Now Mr Picasso has opted into meetup pro and is telling whoever will read it that he has single handled raised the pay and conditions for life models in the UK – totally not true and that he has sessions running in cities across the globe.

He’s an arse!

I’ve recently been working with someone who has indeed worked for him and they say he didn’t want to pay them, that he had them working for three hours with no pay on a promise off paid sessions ‘in the future’, that he mixed up standard life drawing with erotic sessions without telling the models and that all in all he was not a ‘safe’ manager.

I’ve been in touch with meetup but they are, it seems, more interested in having Tony’s pro fees than supporting legitimate on the ground groups and so they won’t remove his group from the Cardiff area listings.

That is a real shame.

And there is nothing I can do but it makes me so angry that some are still not paying well, enough or at all and that they they receive the full support of the big organisations. Shame on Tony and his Life Drawing Network and shame on Meetup and their woeful software.

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