Read on for the OFFER!

The website has been overhauled and now sits ready for you to test the new menu systems and more useful links, more photos and more places to engage and interact.

Here’s the offer!

Mistakes and broken link notifications will result in us being really really grateful and sending your way a FREE drawing session voucher! Generous huh!

So you know what to do – go get crawling all over the site 🙂

We hope you like the gloriously colourful new site along with the great addition of home page news feed. This is effectively our old Tumblr site being transferred over to here (we’re very much into completeness and ownership and control and we think that is where you ought to be too – Social Media is NOT to be trusted) but when done it will be a regular shorty post update location.

We’re back in April and will be posting more stuff in the community on a regular basis in the lead in to our Life Drawing In Cardiff session once again going live 🙂

Join Us!


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