This was the last of the Cardiff Arts Free Festivals, the brainchild of Andy and delivered with support of artists and Little Man and poets and musicians and The Black Sheep in the centre of Cardiff.

A day long, 9am to 11pm, free to attend and free to participate in event the festival was split into three zones, cafe area for chats and some stalls, basement area for craft fair and the vault for workshops.

Stall gallery

Each event was well attended and great fun to be part of, like being in a family of artists from all disciplines. This festival was billed as a fundraiser for The Black Sheep, a music and arts venue in Blackwood owned and run by a friend of Andy’s, Erin.

Drawings gallery

After the success of this event Andy decided to stop organising these himself and to hand over to the stall holders and musicians themselves. After a shout out and then another it was clear there was no desire amongst those who attended the festivals to become a committee and to organise the fourth festival, so, until the present day, there has not been a fourth…

Open mic and band gallery

Maybe one day…


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