TAPE 39, 2ND NOVEMBER 2012, Maya Lubinsky reading excerpts from the script “Visions of Frozen Hell”. 

Act 124 Scene 92 

Stage Direction 

Dawn true grey light. Interior, the concrete utility staircase of the 329th floor in the Luxor Obelisk building, silence apart from the surge of acceleration coming from the industrious elevators and a muffled wind whistle courses around the glass, steel and stacked meteorite monolith building. There in the cradle of the electronic hum and whiter neon glow lies a dismembered cock, flaccid and beached on the coldness of the grey concrete. 

ENTER ANNIE PARADISE: She picks it up and holds the organ in her hands, it gently stirs, flops circularly from one side to the other and swells, it is alive and alive of it’s own special accord, like a pink, fleshy, baby Frankenstein, an inverted negative where the greenish hues flush carnal peach and salmon meat. Warm and very big, child like, ham fisted, an unborn brute, brutish muscle, brutish reflex, keen, pushing its way towards the heat and desire (ENTER DESIRE) which emanates from the core of each movement her body expresses. 

She raises the organ without a body to her face and puts it into her mouth, once inside it takes up most of the space. (EXIT DESIRE) A distant strain in her jaw, syrupy saliva gathers and froths at the corner where the stretch shows the true pink of the slippery threshold of plush mouth interiors, a pink hard to replicate in paint and the glossy, hot rod, hellish red of her public and painted mouth. 

Bucking in the dark hollow of that mouth, a butterscotch bucking foal in the wet, dark, hot rodeo hall. 

I once knew a love that all the songs were about. (MUSIC NO VOCAL) 

ANNIE PARADISE sits on the stairs, her legs apart and relaxed, holding the cock with both hands by its testicles, she pushes it in and pulls it out of her mouth, her head thrown back, nostrils laboured and eyes moist, heavy, lazy, slitted, her left glassy eye, its pupil completely dilated, a little black hole in her face circled by a ring of speckled, layered, Jurassic amber. 


Oh America… 

In her hand she feels the testicles draw up inside and the skin shrink closer, it bucks harder, pulsating now almost maniacal, pushing up against the palatine raphe and blocking air as it repeatedly hits the pharynx of her mouth forcefully. The cock now pushed as deep as anatomically possible ANNIE PARADISE (ENTER ANNIE PARADISE) feels a premonitory running throb along the bulging purple Frankenstien vein (ENTER DESIRE) And then it comes, her mouth floods with its salty cum, sea and first green moss in the dimness of the undergrowth and for an instant she is free in the impossible freeze frame between desire and consummation.


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