Life Drawing Wales was conceived by two occasional models in January 2010 in order to provide them, in the first instance, with more work. They also wanted Life Drawing Wales to act as a pressure group to drive up pay and conditions for life models in Wales and beyond.

We have been approached by and chatted to a range of written media from mainstream and national newspapers to niche arts periodicals. We regularly assist the Cardiff Universities and allow students the freedom to develop photography, journalist and film making skills with the Life Drawing Wales as a starting point.

Life Drawing Wales models have been involved in a variety of media events from theatre to TV, music video to documentary shorts. Effectively we are ‘bums for hire’ and if the price is right we’ll be there 🙂


Feel free to be in touch to arrange an interview or simply come along to a session a write a piece on our work. You are free to use any image or video displayed within this website but please note that we have a large collection of other images that we can make available.

Painting the model


Yes, we are the ‘One Stop Shop’ for bums and boobs in Wales and beyond. If you need a nude for a theatrical event, for a video, for a TV or film production then we are a good place to start looking.

Our killer USP though is that we are a team and are very used to working together and in close proximity. So, if you need a pile of bodies, for example, we’ll get quickly to it without too much fuss and you save valuable model fee time and shoot time.