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Who are all these naked people?
Well, they are anyone that want’s to have a go! Life models are confident naked and happy to stand, sit or recline as still as possible for between 2 minutes and several hours (with breaks of course).

What services do they offer?
Cardiff Life Models offer the following services:

  1. Life modelling for schools and colleges
  2. Life modelling for individual artists
  3. Bodies for photography, film and TV
  4. Performance bodies for theatre and unusual events
  5. Life drawing sessions for Stag and Hen Parties

Where can I sketch a Cardiff Life Model?
We run drop in, no need to book, life drawing sessions twice weekly in Cardiff and beyond. See our sessions or facebook page for further details.

How much will it cost me?
Our drop in sessions are low cost turn up and sketch events. So, £15pp.

Can I book a model for a college or to work one to one?
Yes you can! Simply email Andy – [email protected] – requesting a model or alternatively text 07830 381 930, and text it must be as he NEVER answers his phone.

What do Cardiff Life Models charge per hour?
If you book us directly we charge £25 per hour for life modelling and £50 per hour for photography. We have a minimum callout fee based on two hours work. 

How much does a model get paid?
We pay models £20 an hour for life modelling and £40 an hour for photography sessions… Other life model suppliers don’t come close to these rates. Support us and you are supporting fair pay for models!

Can I become a Cardiff Life Model?
Yes you can! Drop Andy an email and we’ll be back in touch with details! Simple as that…

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What if I’ve got a question not answered here?
Go to the contact page and send us an email with your question.