We’ve been supplying models to individual artists since the inception of our group, Cardiff Life Model Collective. We are a loose grouping of models seeking to work together to drive up pay and conditions for models in Wales. And we’ve done well whilst naming and shaming the skinflints along the way…

Why Us?

Well, it’s what we do – we’re the leading provider of life drawing in Wales and perhaps the best known in the UK. We’ve provided models for TV, film, news articles, artists, colleges and universities and oh so much more… We live in South Wales and there are a good few of us. We are able to hook artists up with reliable, professional and suitable models. Oh, and we always get FIVE STAR feedback. Oh, and as we’re not an agency we pay our models well, not peanuts. And you know what you get when you pay peanuts. Our models are professionals, not monkeys 🙂 Check out this video a fan made for us.


We come to you or you come to our central Cardiff studio. Just let us know what suits you best. There is a booking fee for the studio as we don’t own it – £40 for a couple of hours ought o cover it. But it’s not just in Cardiff that we’ll get naked for you. We’ll travel throughout Wales and even over the border and into England to such exotic places as Exeter, Bristol and even Swindon…



We charge £25 per hour and there is a minimum of two hours. Check out our current available models HERE and we may have a few more up our sleeves but that we’ve not added to the website yet. The model will get £20 an hour and we take the £5 to help maintain this website and so enable us to reach out to you.


Ask away! email: [email protected]