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Andy is founder of Cardiff Life Models and manages the group on a daily basis. He does other stuff too, like guiding mountain walks and publishing his poetry. Andy’s greatest claim to life modelling fame was to dance naked in front of Lacey Turner and Caroline Quentin for an ITV3 production… 

Emily is one of our most recent acquisitions, a fine art graduate and a fine person to boot! Expect to see Emily both behind and in front of the canvas.

Becky started modelling for us after doing ‘Fifty Things for Fifty’ and she liked it so much she just kept on going…

Rhiannon is a singer and a currently working hard at Uni in furtherance of her career. It’s likely Rhiannon will be a model with us for a few years to come 🙂

James joined us as an artist and then had fifteen minutes of modelling fame at our ‘Draw The Artist’ event and he was so good we’ve had him join us

Hailing from London but now firmly settled in Cardiff JJ is a great model who also attends most of our own sessions as an artist

Charlotte has been an on off model for several years, this because she lives outside of Wales. However, when she’s visiting Cardiff or we can get her away to Tenerife we very much enjoy her personality, and she’s not a bad model either 😉

Thalia has been away for some time but is back! An artist and singer and all round good egg, back in Cardiff and back modelling for us.