How many Five Star Birthday Parties have we delivered? Loads and loads. And each Five Star Birthday Party has been unique, delivered to the client’s direction, highly memorable, outrageously cheeky and, quote:

The MOST FUN I have EVER had!

Multiple comments from multiple Parties! True Story!

Why Us?

Well, it’s what we do – we’re the leading provider of life drawing in Wales and perhaps the best known in the UK. We’ve provided models for TV, film, news articles, artists, colleges and universities and oh so much more… We live in Cardiff and are therefore able to advise and assist you with all aspects of your Hen Party! Oh, and we always get FIVE STAR feedback. Oh, and as we’re not an agency we pay our models well, not peanuts. And you know what you get when you pay peanuts. Our models are professionals, not monkeys 😉 Check out this video we made detailing an audition. Neither of these guys became models for us. It’s a fun watch.


We come to you or you come to our central Cardiff studio. Just let us know what suits you best. No matter your group size, we can accommodate you. But it’s not just in Cardiff that we’ll get naked for you. We’ll travel throughout Wales and even over the border and into England to such exotic places as Exeter, Bristol and even Swindon…


We supply all materials for your short course in drawing the naked human form. We generally work with pencil but there will be charcoal and crayon and marker pen and if requested there can be body painting too!

Art Room Etiquette

What happens in the Life Room stays in the Life Room 😉 You can take photos and video, you can take home your sketches and we’ll do our best to help you maintain your boundaries 🙂

What Happens?

We deliver a standard hour and a half life drawing session but with a few twists suitable for your birthday party. We are skilled providers and read the mood of the group and to date have always maintained good boundaries, pushing the limits but never crossing the line.

Beginning with some warm-up poses then we work through a few poses with some of the hens, then a pose with the birthday boy/girl and then a few more poses with all before we are done. We always finish with a group photo 😉

Tweaking the itinerary to suit you is our thing and will always listen to you.


Ask away! email: